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It is the human organism, we have taken as a mentor for our treatments. Due to the increase in body temperature the body activates strong self-healing mechanisms and accelerates sustainable recovery.

Hyperthermia is the targeted increase of the body core temperature. It is considered one of the most effective therapies in physical medicine. Out of not fully understood reasons, our body often loses the capability to develop a natural fever. Hyperthermie retrains this capability.

Modulation of the immune system

Central mechanism of action of hyperthermia: regulation of the all-encompassing basic system (matrix) deep into the body core and the natural modulation of the immune system. Hyperthermia initiates a fever-like state, causing an intense, sustained elevation in core body temperature up to 40°C.

This, Hyperthermia activates the natural self healing powers of the body.

Very well tolerated infrared

The heating occurs by pure IR-A on the IRATHERM1000 bed or by diffuse reflectance infrared radiation mixing (ABC) in Heckel bed.

Hyperthermia compared to the sauna

During a sauna bath, although the feeling of heat on the skin surface maybe intense, the body core temperature is increased only slightly.

Such an effective healing and fever-like state can be achieved only with a medical whole-body hyperthermia system.

After successful hyperthermia treatment the application of infrared saunas and sauna is quite reasonable.

Healing fever

Our heat regulation center carefully regulates the body heat at a nearly equal temperature of 37 ° C. For defense- and healing processes nature increases the body temperature by 1-4 ° C, a process we know as fever.

Fever is not a disease

Hence, Fever is not a disease in itself, but a natural and vital defense reaction against pathogenic bacteria and viruses. During the state of fever pathogens are eliminated, metabolic turnover is accelerates the detoxification of the body is in full swing.

We all know the feeling to feel reborn after intense fever.

Valuable fever

Unfortunately, this valuable process is often interrupted because antipyretic (fever-lowering) drugs given are without demand or too early.

Also, the medicine science and clinical practice conforms, that the natural ability to develop fever, often is lost over time (thermoregulation disorder). Thus the idea to create fevers.

Cancer: Missing Fever

As Dr. Ralf Kleef described back in 2001, fever is absent in the previous history of most cancer patients, indeed for many years before cancer occurs. Also it is known that spontaneous remissions of cancer very often is associated with severe bouts of fever.

(Source:. Kleef R et al. Fever, Cancer Incidence and Spontaneous remission; Neuroimmodulation 2001, 55-64, Karger, Switzerland)

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History of hyperthermia

The beneficial effect of fever fascinated the healers, since there are written records.

Ancient experience

The oldest known method of whole body hyperthermia of the native American Indians is the sweat lodge.

From ancient Egypt and Greece, there are reports that chronic disease after getting over a short, high fever infection, unexpected improvement or even cure occurred.

The Egyptians prescribed baths in hot desert sand, the ancient world knew the healing properties of hot springs.

„Give me the power to create fever and I will cure all diseases"

The Greek physician and philosopher, Parmenides, 540-480 BC

Success in cancer therapy

By 1900, the American physician, Dr. William Coley stared using fever-causing agents in the treatment of cancer-use with considerable success.

Nobel Prize for fever therapy

The Viennese physician, Wagner Jauregg treated syphilis patients with malaria pathogens and produced such a violent fever that 80% of his patients could be cured; for this achievement he was awarded the 1927 Medicine Nobel Prize.

Overheating bath

Many still remember the Overheating bath with increasing temperature in the bath tub. It was up to the 1950s still used in Austrian hospitals. The method was quite effective, but the load to the circulatory system and the skin surface was high.

In IWIT we turn to hyperthermia is well tolerated infrared-A or ABC anan mixed radiation. This is very similar to sunlight, but no UV radiation.

How hyperthermia acts on the body?

The central mechanism of action of hyperthermia: the regulation of the basic system (matrix) deep into the body core and the natural modulation of the immune system.

It can be both an aggressive immune system (autoimmune disorders such as rheumatism) that is balanced and a too weak (eg, immune deficiencies) immune system that will be stimulated.

The basic system of the body

The basic system (matrix) of the body forms a minimum interstitial space to all cells, blood vessels and organs. This space is filled with fibers and fluid. The nerve fibers branch out here all the way to the finest endings.

The basic system is the communication medium for ALL cells of the body, because it is responsible for the conduction, nutrient supply and waste disposal. All central events of our immune defenses are happening here.

Nerve impulses run through the basic system

Our nerve impulses and biochemical processes only work on this basic system, which accounts for approximately 75% of the total body mass.

If the function of the matrix is disturbed by a lack of exercise, stress, poor diet and environmental toxins, it can cause chronic diseases, which stubbornly resist standard therapies.

Hyperthermia opens the matrix

During hyperthermia, the "artificial fever", this body matrix is opened and there is an intense increase in blood flow, cleaning and improvement in the oxygen supply to the entire organism.

The immune system responds with a strong production of natural killer and helper cells.

With hyperthermia, we induce:

Increase of metabolism, increase the blood flow to organs and tissues, better removal of metabolic waste products and harmful substances (detoxification), stimulation and harmonization of the immune system, activation in chronic inflammatory processes in order to initiate a healing process, muscle relaxation, deep mental relaxation.

Hyperthermia supports your existing therapy

Hyperthermia therapy is an excellent base supporting conventional medicine and/or holistic therapy concepts and brings them to full working depth. With only three outpatient applications already good results can be achieved. A treatment lasts between 11/2, and 31/2 hours.

Persistent, medically effective deep heat cannot be generated in the sauna or infrared cabin.

The self-regulation and self-healing efforts of the body are activated, a chance for many diseases!

Hyperthermia treatment process

The heat transfer into the body is realized by means of well tolerated infrared. This heat radiation is very similar to sunlight, but without UV radiation.

From inside the body shell

Initially, heat the upper layers of skin are warmed. The blood circulation of the body transports the heat from the body shell inside the body.

It takes about 1/2 hour for the time being until the warmth reaches the bones. The body core temperature begins to increase slowly. We differentiate between:

  • mild hyperthermia <38.5 ° C (<101 ° F appr.)
  • moderate hyperthermia 38.5 ° - 40.5 ° C (101 ° - 105 ° F appr.)
  • extreme hyperthermia> 40.5 ° degrees (> 105 ° F)

Experience shows that even mild hyperthermia is very effective. Our sisters watch the process carefully, speak with you and offer you beverages.

Heat build-up and cooling down

The finale of hyperthermia is heat build-or cool-down phase. In the Heckel-bed cabin the tent is folded over the body and slows the heat. Thus, the core body temperature will increase somewhat, although the infrared has been switched off.

In the IRATHERM-bed the irradiation power is gradually reduced until the body temperature has almost reached the normal level.

After the body has cooled, you can take a hot shower. Most people feel very comfortable and relaxed after the hyperthermia, experience has shown that also the quality of sleep improves after a few treatments.

The treatment is always carried out on an outpatient basis, you can return home afterwards. If desired, you can rest after the shower.

Heckel hyperthermia

The German company Heckel has been working to the 60s in the development and improvement of the hyperthermia bed.

They are in a soft tent cabin and can move freely. They are covered with a sheet or a thin blanket.

The opening above your head can be enlarged individually, by appointment, the head can also be stored outside the tent cabin. Many patients appreciate the personal refuge in the tent cabin.

Scattered infrared reflectance

The infrared heaters emit the thermal radiation (ABC mixed radiation) towards the midline and reflecting on the walls. By reflection, the heat is distributed evenly in the tent cabin, forming a layer of warm air at rest to your body. The infrared radiation to warm the body begins now evenly.

The Heckel-bed is versatile with a treatment time of approximately 2h-4h (mild and moderate hyperthermia) to the long-term hyperthermia (about 8h).

Iratherm hyperthermia "floating" on the Net

The IRATHERM - hyperthermia deck was developed by the "Von Ardenne Institute" in Germany.

Pure infrared-A

In this unit, they lie on a well-stretched grid, similar to a hammock. The radiation from below by means of pure, water-filtered infrared-A radiation. Pure infrared-A may only be used by the physician.

Infrared-A penetrates deep

For optimal heat distribution, they are covered with a reflective foil. Water-filtered infrared penetrates deeply into the skin and leads to a rapid warming of the body. The radiation power can be used when IRATHERM amounts at a time.

Floating on the Net

Many patients like to feel free without restriction to "float" on the net. The spine is relaxed and can be irradiated uniformly with. When complaints of the musculoskeletal system, this application is particularly suitable.

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