In-depth diagnosis of cancer

In addition to the usual imaging methods (CT, MRI, PET-CT, ultrasound, radiography, scintigraphy) and the classic laboratory diagnosis (tumor markers), we perform an in-depth diagnosis of cancer through both overt disease and in the follow-up.

These include the autonomic regulation diagnostics (VNS), heart rate variability measurements (HRV) and the provision of a variety of specific immunological investigations: analysis TReg (T-suppressor cells, lymphocyte subpopulations, lymphocyte activation markers, or the creation of individual CRP profiles for several weeks.

A special feature in the active cancer surveillance is testing for free circulating tumor (CTC) cells in blood from patients (PCR testing of epithelial antigens). This test, therefore, supports the risk assessment and thus allows optimal treatment planning.

Microarray analysis of tumor cells from specimens of the operation allow a much more sophisticated treatment planning. This investigation can be carried out in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue.

In the prostate diagnosis with a special urine test (PCA-3 test) it is possible determining the risk of prostate cancer and thus possibly to avoid a biopsy. We can also offer a contrast MRI study, which also gives information about this risk and also allows very accurate measurement of prostate size and texture differentiation normal fro tumor tissues.

Finally, we also provide on request a personalized analysis and advice about your condition: what worries and fears you face, what opportunities do you have to mobilize your own mental resources available to you (empowerment), where can we help you strengthening your intellectual and mental powers?

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