Strengthen the body against cancer
Foto: Mag. Veronika Csuport

Strengthen the body against cancer

Even the best treatments are a challenge for the body.

Our accompanying therapies support the optimal performance of the body. At the same time, adverse side effects are significantly reduced. The recovery process is substantially supported by our add-on therapies.

  • Vital substance treatment (orthomolecular medicine) more
  • Enzyme therapy: Enzymes such as for example Bromelain, Papain or trypsin can reduce symptoms caused by disease or therapy, significantly.
  • Bowel rehabilitation: an intact micro flora of our gut is the basis for an efficient immune system. With controlled fasting, administration of nutrients and special probiotics and colon hydrotherapy colon health is promoted.
  • Nutrition (eg glycemic index)
  • Body Therapy: To achieve natural balance and eliminate energy blockages in the body we offer Yoga and meditation classes, body therapy (massage, Acupressure according to TCM) or cranio-sacral therapy.
  • Dentistry

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