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Transurethral prostate hyperthermia

Schema der Prostatahypethermie
Scheme of Prostatahypethermie

Prostata hyperthermia

The prostate hyperthermia can be considered as an alternative to radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer and benign prostatic enlargement, but also in prostatitis pain symptom.

In prostate cancer usually concomitant hormone therapy is recommended. With prostate hyperthermia can also be treated without prior biopsy, see: Biopsy? Surgery?

The prostate hyperthermia is an alternative to surgical treatment measures, should the existing symptoms not improve, and/or should the cancer not respond enough, a necessary surgery or radiotherapy after thermotherapy treatment is possible at any time.


After injecting a local anesthesia and lubricant into the urethra, a special catheter is inserted and fixed. During therapy, the patient lies on a comfortable couch. He is connected to the catheter with the therapy device. The unit heats the prostate to 48 to 52 degrees and holds this temperature during the typically required 180 minutes.

This leads to a selective destruction of cancerous tissue in the prostate. Characterized in that the tumor tissue dies in the surrounding healthy tissue and organs are not damaged, immune cells are activated, which transport away the dead tissue, and present it to other immune cells, such that there may be a specific immune development.

General anesthesia is not required, but only a local anesthetic. The therapy can be performed as an outpatient. Usually only two treatments are necessary.

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