Parallel therapy
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Parallel therapy to chemotherapy or radiation treatments

Chemotherapy or radiation therapy can cause significant side effects.

The long-term treatment experience shows that side effects are greatly reduced by our parallel therapy whereas the effectiveness of chemotherapy or radiation therapy is improved simultaneously.

These effects have been scientifically proven.

The parallel adjuvant treatment is performed timely to chemo-or radiotherapy. Patients, who often experienced the time after chemo-or radiotherapy sleeping or even in pain, enjoy thanks to the parallel adjuvant treatment an almost normal quality of life.

Advantages of the parallel therapy:

  • Significantly improved quality of life
  • The defensive ability of the immune system remains largely intact
  • The effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is enhanced
  • Faster recovery

Side effects

Standard therapy

(Chemotherapy / radiation)

Standard therapy and

Multimodal cancer therapy

1 nausea/vomiting moderate to strong low
2 mucosal inflammation yes no
3 blood dyscrasias yes slightly
4 hair loss yes no
5 nervous disorders yes reduced
6 heart damage often less often
7 allergies yes no
8 kidney/bladder problems yes low
9 quality of life significantly reduced well
10 psyche considerable strain balanced
11 efficacy yes yes, improved

Selection of concomitant therapies before, during and after chemo-and radiotherapy, and surgical repair:

  • Ortho molecular medicine individual prescribed according to the latest study findings
  • Support of the immune system
  • Colon Cleansing
  • Individual infusion program
  • homeopathic support
  • Psycho-oncological support
  • Nutrition counseling including BIA measurements and a custom diet plan
  • Learn relaxation techniques: Yoga, Meditation, autogenic training, Shiatsu, ...
  • Individual therapy for chemotherapy-induced side effects (eg, paresthesias, mucosal problems, hair loss, tooth loss,...)
  • 24 hours after chemotherapy whole-body hyperthermia

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