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Since 1998 the scientists and collaborators of the Institute for thermo-and immunotherapy under the leadership of Dr. Ralf Kleef dedicate their efforts to the discovery, development and application of advanced integrative cancer therapies.

But not only the subject of cancer, but also many chronic diseases are the focus of our interest and could be alleviated or cured with hyperthermia in innumerable instances.

It is the human organism, we have taken as a mentor for our treatments. By increasing the body temperature, he helps himself and accelerates sustainable recovery. The immune system and the ability of self-regulation are in the focus of our scientific, medical and nursing engagement.

In our work we focus on research, teaching and development of quality standards in hyperthermia treatment. In a daytime clinical setting (not requiring hospitalization), we have 10 treatment places for whole-body hyperthermia ("fever therapy") with reflection-scattered and water-filtered infrared radiation by Heckel and Ardenne and the most advanced deep hyperthermia systems in Austria.

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