Local Deep Hyperthermia


The local deep hyperthermia acts directly in the field of carcinogenesis and metastasis formation. The tumor tissue is overheated from the outside, the surrounding tissue is not damaged by the heat.

Effect on tumor cells

Through intensive thermodynamic basic biological research that has been ongoing since the 70s, we now know that temperatures above 40.5 ° C in malignant tissues can be cytotoxic, ie have a cell-killing or inhibiting effect on tumors.

The technique of locoregional hyperthermia achieves heating of tumor cells by means of high-frequency waves, which leads to a lack of oxygen and evolution of an intracellular acidic environment, and to a depletion of nutrients in the tumor. As a result the cell metabolism is severely disrupted, so that this can ultimately result in death of the cancer cell (Apopthose).

Activation of the immune system

Another effect of hyperthermia is the clear activation of the immune system. The heat leads to changes of the cancer cells, so that they can be better distinguished from healthy tissue. This effect called "heat shock proteins" that serve the defense cells as a badge. These proteins appear at overheating on the surface of tumor cells, but not on "healthy" cells.

We use equipment from the companies Synchrotherm and Oncotherm.

From experience local hyperthermia is well tolerated by elderly or debilitated people very well. In general, the local hyperthermia is combined with standard therapies.

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