Infrared thermography study
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Infrared thermography study

  • No X-rays
  • No burden on the body
  • Suitable for any age (for men, women and children)
  • Immediate results (45 minutes) - uniquely informative

Gas Regulations full-body infrared diagnostics - allows examination of the entire body without radiation, without load for all age groups, for men, women, pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

The whole-body infrared image regulation as functional analysis gives with an overview of the current health status of the patient and regulation. With the infrared method it is possible to detect chronic and also malignant trends long before a manifestation - as a trend. In inflammations the exact temperature and the difference to not inflamed environment are measured with the highly sensitive infrared camera.

This method is also suitable as an innovative screening:

  • Investigation of the health status
  • Inflammation throughout the body search
  • Diabetes prevention (study of diabetic vascular changes in a very early stage)
  • Examination of the joints
  • Investigation of venous disease
  • Detection of inflammation in the tooth, jaw, and head area
  • Performance monitoring of drug treatments
  • Stress, stress, and coping status of a patient (there is a good, deficiency or misregulation)
  • Investigation of the scaffolding system in children
  • Study of the endocrine system such as thyroid

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