Integrative Krebstherapie
Foto: Joe Haider

Immunotherapy and Integrative Oncology

Given an "over-civilized" society and the significant increase in chronic health disorders health responsibility and supportive measures appear in a new light. Immunotherapy in a broad sense can play a crucial role here.

The increasing incidence (new onset) of cancer - in Europe and the U.S. more and more people fall ill with cancer - is urgently calling for new, innovative and integrative preventive and therapeutic measures.

Successful prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, especially cancer requires a comprehensive biologic-naturopathic basis which - as far as possible - uses all achievements of "medicine" and the natural sciences, but expands them substantially in a new, integrative sense.

We do not stand in contrast to conventional medicine, but see our approach as reasonable, side effect-free complement to traditional forms of therapy.

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